Document Scanning Service       
                                                                            High Speed Scanning
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If you are like most businesses you have file cabinets full of important paper documents.  Let AccuVerify help you convert your paper files into searchable, indexed, and secure digital documents.  Scanning your documents will help you reduce document retrieval time, and free-up valuable office space.  A single DVD will hold about 100,000 scanned pages, and a CD will hold about 13,000 pages.  Documents can be scanned into PDF, TIF, OCR or other popular formats.

Benefits of scanning documents:
   -  Reduce document retrieval time to seconds
   -  Disaster Recovery Plan
    - Increased security  
    - Meet Regulatory Requirement
    - Share documents with multiple users easily
    - Never re-file
    - When you travel take your documents with you
   -  Save office space
   -  Serve your clients better
   -  Be more organized
   -  Less clutter in the office

Call us today, and reduce the amount of paper your business depends on.  We offer pick-up and delivery service, and on-site scanning service in Eastern Massachusetts, and Southern New Hampshire.  For our low rates or more information please call 1.978.223.2245 or email us at 

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