How does AccuVerify obtain tax documents?

AccuVerify obtains tax documents directly from the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) electronically for taxpayers completing Form 4506-C (previously 4506-T). AccuVerify has been helping organizations large and small obtain tax transcripts since 2005.

Dose AccuVerify obtain tax transcripts directly from the IRS?

Yes, we do not use third party service providers. Tax transcripts come directly from the IRS. AccuVerify is bulk Form 4506-C (previously 4506-T) processor.

Do you accept e-signed Form 4506-Cs?

Yes, if it meets IRS' e-signature requirements. Please contact us for more details if you would like to submit e-signed Form 4506-Cs.

Why should I choose AccuVerify as our company's tax return verification service provider?

All 4506-C processors are not the same, for many 4506-C processing is one of the many things they do. At AccuVerify Form 4506-C processing is the only thing we do. Our mission is to get tax transcripts to you as fast as possible. We understand the importance of getting tax transcripts to you in a timely manner. We know the reason you are coming to us is to get tax transcripts fast, and every day we are here to make sure you do. We offer you services to reduce rejections, live support and great rates. If there is a problem with your request you will know about it in minutes instead of days. This saves you valuable time and money and helps you serve your clients better.

Do you offer volume discounts?

Yes. Contact us today for our rates. We will beat or match any competitor's rates.

Is taxpayer's information shared with any other organization except the IRS?

No. We do not report, sell, or share taxpayers' information with any other organization.

How long do you retain my tax transcripts?

As little as one business day. Once you receive your tax transcript and notify us to destroy it, it will be destroyed. If you do not reply to our email and notify us to destroy it, it will be destroyed in 60-90 days.

What is Income Tax Verification for lenders?

Income Tax verification is the process used to check the accuracy of Federal Income Tax Returns, W-2s, 1099s, and other tax documents enabling easier identification of potentially fraudulent tax documents.

What documents will I have to submit to request tax transcripts?

Taxpayer(s) must complete IRS Form 4506-C.

How do I receive my tax transcripts?

You choose the most convenient way for you - Email as a 128-bit encrypted and password protected pdf file, or fax. Default delivery method is email.

Can I get W-2 and 1099 transcripts?

Yes. You may use Form 4506-C found on top of most pages to request Federal W-2 and 1099 transcripts. If taxpayer had multiple W-2s or 1099s for the year requested, you will receive all W-2s and 1099s reported by employers/payers to the IRS for that year. The price is the same even if you had multiple tax documents during the same year. If you need state or local withholding information contact your state's department of revenue, or your employer. Some states offer the same service as the IRS, but most states do not.

Can I obtain W-2, 1099 or 1098 transcripts if a tax return was not filed for that year?

Yes, employers/payers are required to report federal wage & income information to the IRS/SSA. The only exception is if you have never filed a tax return. In that case taxpayer must first file change of address form with the IRS. Once the change of address form has been processed you will be able to request the tax documents. If you need state or local withholding information to file a state return you will need to contact taxpayer's state's department of revenue. Some states offer the same service as the IRS, but most states do not.

How long does it take to receive tax transcripts?

May vary from time to time but it generally takes 2-4 business days.

What information is included in a tax transcript? See Sample

A tax return transcript contains most of the information from the original return, including any accompanying forms and schedules filed with it. It does not reflect any changes made after the return was filed.

Do I have to pay if no record is found, or IRS rejects my request?

Yes. You pay depending on the request you submit. You are responsible for the accuracy of the information on the Form 4506-C you submit to AccuVerify. For taxpayers' security, IRS will only release tax transcripts if the information on the 4506-C matches what IRS has on file. Please make sure you provide correct SSN/EIN and address. The number one IRS rejection reason is wrong address. Address you provide on line 3 or 4 of the request must match IRS records exactly.

What is your security and privacy policy?

Please read our security & privacy policy. We do not sell, rent or share your personal information with any other organization except the IRS.

I just filed my tax return. How long should I wait before I request tax return transcript?

If you are due a refund and you e-filed allow about 8-21 day for the tax return to be processed by the IRS. If you mailed in your return allow about eight weeks for the return to be processed. IRS processes tax returns with refunds before they processes returns with taxes due. If you owe taxes and file by the April deadline, IRS will process your return in April or May. If you are due a refund wait until you receive your refund before requesting your tax return transcript. If there is a problem with your return it will take longer to be processed by the IRS, and for the transcript to become available.